HP Plotter News

Best large format printers of 2019 : Wide-format printers for every budget and usage  TechRadar

Tackle any size print job with our top picks for the best large format printer.

HP Confirms Support for CAD Printing with New Wide-Format Models  Cadalyst Magazine

In an age of cloud-connected devices and high-end CAD analysis, will we keep plotting to large-format paper? HP thinks so and its new PageWide XL 5000 ...

Wide-format Printing Opportunities Continue To Expand For Printers  Printing Impressions

While the growth rates within the wide-format market vary widely, the market, on average, is growing at approximately 10% to 12%.

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Maze Generator Keeps Plotter (and Kids) Busy  Hackaday

We can tell that [Jon Howell] is our kind of guy. After updating his vintage 1985 Hewlett-Packard plotter with WiFi and the ability to load SVG files, he obviously ...

Who's Who in Wide Format Printing  Wide Format Online

Cheng, David David Cheng. Charti Pty Ltd, 9 Fink Street, Wiliamstown North, VIC 3016 www.charti.com.au 03 9448 8043. David Cheng, with more than 15 ...

Circuit Plotting With An HP Plotter  Hackaday

Over the last few years we've seen a few commercial products that aim to put an entire PCB fab line on a desktop. As audacious as that sounds, there were a few ...

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